Building Quality Relationships Since 1947

Building Quality Relationships Since 1947

Building Quality Relationships Since 1947Building Quality Relationships Since 1947Building Quality Relationships Since 1947

Asphalt Paving & Excavating

About Us

What We Do

Hager Construction Company offers a variety of construction services ranging from asphalt paving and concrete work to land clearing and demolition. We perform small residential driveway repairs as well as new commercial site construction projects. Hager Construction Company has performed road construction and repair projects for private and municipal clients for many decades. 

Who We Are

Hager Construction Company has been a family owned business since 1947. A couple of years after returning home from World War II, Lyman Hager began performing small farm projects after purchasing military surplus equipment. Since then Hager Construction Company has grown and served countless private, commercial, and municipal customers around central Kentucky.

Why Choose Us?

Attention to detail and relationships!

Hager Construction Company treats each project as if it were our own. We work together with engineers and contractors in many trades to produce beautiful, functional, and long-lasting roads and sites. Call us today and bring our project management skills and extensive construction experience to your next project.


Asphalt Paving


Grading, Crushed Stone Placement & Compaction, 

Hot-Mix Base & Surface Pavement, Striping, Signage

Excavating/Site Work


Excavation, Site Utilities, Retention Ponds, Building Pads,  



Sidewalks, Curb & Gutter, Driveways, Dumpster Pads

Site Clearing/Demolition


Demolition, Disposal, Land Clearing, Tree Removal

Recent Projects

The Equestrian Reserve


Earthwork, Street Construction, Curb/Gutter, Utilities, Asphallt Paving, Final Grade, Etc.

Castle & Key Distillery


Asphalt Paving, Concrete Flat Work, Excavation, Parking Lot Construction, etc.

Commonwealth Credit Union


Earthwork, Building Pad, Crushed Stone Work, Concrete Sidewalks/Curbs, Storm Sewer, Retention Pond, Etc.

Barbasol PGA Championship


County Road Widening, Cart Path Repair, New Cart Path Construction, New Parking Lot

Arcadia Farm


Bridges, New Road Construction, Asphalt Overlay, Tree Removal, Pond Work, Demolition, Mulch Gateway Construction

City Street Repairs


Pothole Repair, Asphalt Overlay, GeoTextile Fabric Installation, Crushed Stone Work, Full Depth Asphalt Paving

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Reach out to us to discuss your project or joining our team!